Monday, June 30, 2008

iPhone to be Sold at Radio Shack and Best Buy?

Mobile Mag is reporting that the iPhone 3G may be sold at Radio Shack and Best Buy. Best Buy we can see â€" Apple’s already been making inroads there. Radio Shack, though, …ugh. Sure, since the iPhone 3G is being sold pretty much just like any other smartphone now, it’s not crazy that it could be sold by any of the usual suspects â€" Radio Shacks, Mall Kiosks, that one guy down the street who inexplicably has an AT&T store in his garage. But… Radio Shack? Maybe I’m old, but I remember a time


Kojinsha S130 Mini Notebook

After release mini notebook PC E8, Kojinsha unveiled their new mini notebook S130 on the Korea market with 7 inch touch screen. Powered by Intel Atom processor Z520 (1.33 MHz), memory 1GB and HDD 60 GB. The S130 notebook also equipped with GPS module, navigation map software which is not add at Asus EEE and RazorBook 400. Another feature with DMB function for a variety of dictionary content including English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Weighing only 798g, the S130 comes two different col